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Biography of Tarek Masud

Tarek Masud, an author from Dhaka, Bangladesh was born to Mr Abu Mohsin and Latifa Akhter on November 9, 1963. He is the second child of his deceased parents. Mr. Masud is a retired teacher with twenty years of teaching experience. He taught at several English medium schools in Dhaka. He received his post graduate degree from Dhaka International University which is located in Banani, Dhaka.
Till now his literary works in Bangla, his native language, are “Rahmat Ali”, “Five Tablets”, “Pulse”; the first one is a novel and the other two are short story collections. “Forbidden Affair: A Tale from Arakan” is his first literary work in English. “The Harbinger”, is his second literary work in English which is followed by “Ismarus”, another historical fiction. “The Elenauts”, a science fiction, is his latest literary work.
In addition to this Mr. Masud wrote a number of articles in the editorial section of a local newspaper named The Daily Inqilab.
Mr. Masud is married to Mahfuza Rahman and has two daughters, Fatema Tuz Zahra and Ayesha Siddiqua.

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